Helpful Hints

New Product Reviews
Introducing product reviews! To review a product or see what others said, simply navigate to the item and click the review link. You can even vote on other reviews if you found them helpful. To view the product review guidelines click here


Virtual Gift Cards
Virtual Gift Cards can be purchased and emailed directly to recipients through Smilemakers. Search 'Gift Card' and add it to your cart like a physical item.
Redeeming gift cards is just as simple. Add your Gift Card redemption code in the appropriate field at checkout.


Mobile Responsive Design
The new Smilemakers site is fully responsive and will provide a seamless shopping experience across all devices and screen sizes. Purchase items on the go or add products to your Wishlist and pick it up where you left off.


Rich Search Functionality 
The predictive search feature shows products as you type and even includes images for added navigation speed. Need a more advanced search? Click 'Search' then check the 'Advanced Search' button to narrow down the results even more.


Add to Wishlist 
Your Wishlist allows you to save products for future purchases. Click the heart icon on any product and it will be saved for later. See something you like for a customer, event, or even yourself? Adding it to the Wishlist makes it easy to find it when the time is right.


Compare Products 
What is the difference between these two pens? You can compare up to four products side by side to make sure you don’t just get a great product, but the right one too.