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Arches Pineapple Leather Notebook

Keep it fruity. With not only a hardcover, pen loop, and page marker included, this notebook is made with 30% sustainable pineapple components.

- Mark it down and keep it green. 1% of profits go to environmental nonprofits.
- Measures 5.5" W x 8.5" H.

Bicycle Friends Notebook

Keep on rolling. The Bicycle Friends Notebook lets you mark it down no matter where you go. With 70 pages of lined paper there's enough room for anything you need to keep track of.

- Measures 5" W x 7" H.

Denik Languages Notebook

So many ways to say the same thing. This Denik Languages Notebooks shares the love worldwide with 144 lined, dot grid, and blank pages. A portion of Denik's profits go towards enhancing the education experience of thousands of students across the globe.

- Measures 5 1/4" W x 8 1/4" H.

Grimace Pen

Keeping good notes is always easier with a friendly face. The Grimace Pen has the perfect grip to keep you writing for a long time yet.

Hamburglar Pen

Never steal a good idea again. With this smooth writing ballpoint pen, great ideas are sure to flow freely.

Heritage Bright Notebook

Throwback vibes with contemporary ease. This Heritage Bright spiral bound notebook allows you to take advantage of all 70 lined sheets.

- Measures 5" W x 7" H.

Recycled Heritage Bright Pen

Recycle classic style with recycled materials. Made with rPET using post-consumer recycled plastic, the Heritage Bright Pen takes every note with style.

Arches Sharpie® Mini

Half the size of a standard Sharpie®, this mini pen easily attaches to your lanyard or key chain. Permanently marks any surface with a quick-drying non-toxic red ink. Screened Arches.

Grimace Mini Spiral Notebook

Adorable smile, adorable proportions. This Mini Notebook is a perfect size for Grimace-lovers "on-the-go". Fits easily in a pocket or tuck it into your Grimace hip-pack. Measures 3-1/2” w x 5" h.

- 4.5 x 6"/48 Sheets
- Spiral bound

Food Buddies Notebook

Jot that down! You'll never lose a great idea again in this perfect-bount lined journal featuring the food buddies. Includes 70 lined pages. Measures 5" x 7".

- 70 lined pages

Arches Stone Paper Journal

Make your shopping list more sustainable with this stone paper Arches journal. 80 lines pages made of stone ensure every mark you make is a crisp and clean image. Screen arches. Measures 5" W x 7" H.

- 80 lined pages
- Sturdy, tear resistant sheets
- Polyurethane cover
- Stone paper absorbs less ink than traditional paper, resulting in a crisper image
- Zero deforestation

Retro Arches Notebook

You'll never lose a great idea again in this perfect-bound lined journal featuring the retro Arches. Includes 70 lined pages. Measures 5" W x 7" H.

- 70 lined pages

Fry Kids Mini Notebook

Let the Fry Kids remember it for you! This fun, colorful notebook is perfect for jotting down whatever you need to remember. Screen printed desing and 48 pages. Measures 3.5" W x 5" H.

- 34 Sheets / 68 Pages
- Dot grid paper

Grimace Post-It Notes Half Cube

Every good idea needs a place to live. Be ready with these fun Grimace Post-It Notes.

- Adhesive Sheets
- Full Color Imprint On All Four Sides Of The Cube
- Side Print With Or Without Sheet Printing
- Made In USA

Fry Kids Spiral Notebook

Keep the ideas flowing. A handy spiral notebook to record every good thought.

- Flexible cover and 70 white pages
- Measures 5" x 7"
- 4-color process printed flexible front cover high gloss finish
- 70 white sheets and thick black chipboard back cover
- 70 lined, graph or blank sheets (50# text white paper)
- 4-color process printed flexible spiral front cover; 130# gloss cover
- High Gloss UV finish

Cropped Arches Notebook

Jot it all down with this perfect bound notebook.

- Measures 5" x 7
- Perfect bound with side scorings for easy opening
- 70 lined, graph, dot-grid, action double page or blank sheets (50# text white paper)
- Custom 4-color process imprint on front, spine and back

Spiral Jotter Set

Keep everything in order. 56 lined pages. Sticky flags in 5 fun neon colors. PVC cover and matching shorty pen with flip clip in elastic pen loop.

- Measures 3-1/2" x 5-1/4"
- 80 page lined notepad
- Sticky flags in 5 neon colors
- 3" x 2" sticky notes
- Matching shorty pen with flip clip in elastic pen loop
- PVC cover

Icon Print 5x7 Journal

Jot that down! You'll never lose a great idea again in this red journal, featuring an icon pattern.

- Includes 70 lined pages.
- Measures 5" x 7".
- 5" x 7" bound journal
- 70 lined pages
$5.99 $4.49

Arches Red Recycled Pen

Always be ready to take notes with this vibrant red, recycled pen.

- Screened Arches.
- Made from post consumer plastic bottles
- Plunger action

Arches Rainbow Scratch Journal

Change up your normal notes with this rainbow scratch journal.

- Screened Arches on cover.
- Measures 4" w x 5-1/2" h.
- Write, "scratch" or draw on the rainbow-colored sheets with black coating for a creative finish.
- Includes Bamboo stylus with plastic cover.
- Also includes 8 plain white 90G paper sheets in back for traditional drawing.

Small Icon Notebook

Good ideas come when you least expect it. Be ready with this handy notebook.

- 56 lined pages
- Screen printed food icons on front
- Measures 5" x 7"

McDonald's Straw Pen

Who doesn’t love a reliable pen? Styled to tribute the famous McDonald's drinking straw.

- Capped pen
- Black ink
- Imprinted red and yellow stripe

Mini Icon Pen Set

With this pen clipped to your pocket, customers will say, “I'd like fries with that!”

- Clip attachment
- Black ink
- One pen imprinted mini Big Mac icon pattern
- One pen imprinted mini Fry Box icon pattern

Fry Box Icon Pattern Notebook

Take note of these fun, colorful notebooks.

- 56 lines pages
- Screened Fry Box Icon logo
- Measures 5" x 7"